Welcome to Slow Tech Berlin

We’re an eclectic group of people, of different nationalities and backgrounds, who meet occasionally over a meal to talk about how technology is shaping our society – and what we can do to protect ourselves and our communities from surveillance and commercial exploitation.

We’re not against technology. We use it every day, and appreciate it. But we believe that privacy is essential to a healthy society. We want to live in a world where human values shape technology, not the other way round.

We believe we are at a turning point.

We are concerned about government surveillance of our phone conversations, emails, chats, twitters, internet searches, and actual physical movements.

We reject the collection and use of our personal data by corporations for their profit.

We are alarmed by the dehumanizing effect that some technologies are having on us, and the very real threat that tracking and surveillance pose to our basic rights and freedoms, to democracy, to freedom of the press, and to the very fabric of our societies.

We realize that we can no longer be passive users and consumers of technology.

We believe we have a responsibility to ensure that technology works for the benefit of humankind, not for the profit or control of the few.

Our goal is simple: to foster face-to-face conversations about how technology is affecting our lives, and to encourage people to take practical steps to protect their privacy.

And we try to have fun doing it.

We call it SlowTech because it’s in the same neighbourly spirit as the Slow Food movement.

So join us for a meal, meet some new people, and share your thoughts and experiences. Our discussions are not technical, the gatherings are informal, and the atmosphere friendly. We learn from each other in a spirit of good humour and mutual respect.

If you’re not in the area, consider organizing your own SlowTech dinner. Invite friends and neighbours whether they’re tech savvy or not. Share ideas, concerns, and practical help.

Our website has lots of ideas and information for discussion. And practical guides on how to protect your privacy using free software.

SlowTech is not for profit. We don’t have an office. There’s no membership card or dues. You don’t have to sign up for anything, unless you want to join our mailing list.

We ask only one thing: if you organize a SlowTech gathering, or take some some action under the SlowTech name, please respect our Code of Conduct. We don’t break laws, use violence, or violate other people’s privacy.

We’d love to see SlowTech groups springing up everywhere.

So please, pass this on.